~I know it doesn’t sound possible…but my new chiropractor Dr. Nelson says my neck arthritis is a result of the wheat allergy. Dr. Nelson gave me a copy of a book called “Wheat Belly”. It’s written by Wisconsin cardiologist named Dr. Wm Davis. Amazing stuff!! All I know is since dropping all the breads and wheat products 17 days ago my body aches are going away! The difference in the amount I can rotate and move my neck in two weeks is nothing short of incredible!! (Zero new meds, zero ice packs, zero heat packs. Just changed my diet dramatically.) With 30+ years’ experience this chiropractor is easy to listen to. What I like is that he isn’t selling anything. Not selling pills or powders or a course…and his teaching about wheat and gluten allergies have turned my world around and he fixed my neck in short order. Dr. Nelson has provided great care over the past few months that has literally transformed my life!

Joe ZuccheroPeachland, B.C

~For quite a few years my shoulders and upper back have bothered me and I just could not get the pain to go away. I visited Dr. Nelson a few months ago and within a few weeks I was feeling way better. I’d recommend you try Dr. Nelson as he’s helped me immensely!

Jody MillerKelowna, B.C

~ I met Dr. Nelson after a slip and fall accident sustained as a letter carrier for Canada Post Corporation in 2011. My whole left side was compromised. I was hugely concerned! I had a very physically demanding job, 2 small children at home whom needed their mom and I could not even lift them because of the injury I sustained. My quality of life was the terrible! I didn’t want to pop pills to just mask the pain, I wanted to use the natural healing powers of my own body.I visited him recently at his beautiful clinic in West Kelowna, BC for a much needed tune-up. He is still that charming, knowledgeable guy who gave me great advice, great care and great adjustments always. He is wonderful Chiropractor! So happy to know him as a friend and honored be a patient! Your a keeper Dr. Dwight W.D Nelson!!

FOLKS he is a real gem, a must see in West Kelowna!


Sheri ServantPilot Butte, Sask.

~I went to see Dr. Nelson to get treatment for some nagging neck, shoulder and back aches. I was looking to get it loosened up and better mobility. I found Dr. Nelson to be very personable, professional and knowledgeable with a caring, kind and respectful attitude.

What impressed me the most was the second I lied down on his table he diagnosed me with a bad right hip by just looking at it. This led me to going to see my specialist and eventually getting a complete hip surgery. I am sure because of Dr. Nelson’s diagnose I was able to get a hip replacement a lot sooner than later which saved me a lot of pain and suffering that I would have received in the future.

Larry LivingstoneSaskatchewan Beach, Saskatchewan

~I was a patient of Dr. Nelson’s in Regina, Sask. I started going to see a chiropractor because of headaches, and chronic lower back issues that were not getting better with physiotherapy. After going to him once…he discovered I had more than just a lower back issues. In fact I had 2 ribs that were out of place and my right hip was also not where it should have been. After the first treatment the pain was substantially decreased. Who knew that a rib would cause this low back pain I was experiencing. I continued to see Dr. Nelson for regular maintenance every month until the symptoms I initially went to him for were manageable. He is a great chiropractor. Very friendly and personable. Best of luck in West Kelowna Doc!

Ronald FlamanPilot Butte, Sask.

~I have known Dr. Nelson for many years. When I met him I was dealing with chronic and very immobilizing back pain; in fact at that point I was on a wait list for back surgery. I started working with Dr. Nelson and felt better than I had in years. He is extremely knowledgeable and his approach to care is wellness overall. My trust in him is limitless. No surgery for me. So sorry he left Regina – good news for the folks in Kelowna though!

Gail CSaskatoon, Sask.

~Neck pain has been a problem I have experienced since childhood. It began with trauma in childhood. When I became a patient of Dr. Nelson’s, he immediately realized what was wrong with me. After several adjustments I had such relief. I continued to have adjustments when necessary. I am most grateful to have found Dr. Nelson. With him, relief is usually immediate.

Gladys RobertsonSwift Current, Sask.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nelson’s for the last two decades. I initially came to see him for a crippling low back condition that I was sure was going to effect me for the rest of my life. I was looking for any relief that I could find. I was in a state of bewilderment after three treatments when my back pain was virtually gone. I followed Dr. Nelson’s advice and received care for the next few weeks and was able to resume my exercise program. In a few months I was enjoying my life again. Doctor Nelson has always been there for me when I needed a tune up. It was a sad day for me when he informed me that he was moving to Kelowna B.C. Our loss is Kelowna`s gain. Best Wishes in your new practice and I will look you up when I visit the sunny Okanagan.

Stacey Barr,Regina, Saskatchewan

~Both my husband and I were patients of Dr. Nelson’s for at least 15 years when he worked in Regina, SK. I was a Massage Therapist at the time and had chronic neck pain and occasional bouts of back pain that were related to my work. I can’t imagine what I would have done without him. He always gave me an excellent treatment that quite often brought instant relief. My husband had very irritating and painful sciatic problems as well as neck issues. Muscle relaxants and painkillers did nothing to ease his pain, but Dr. Nelson was able to treat both very successfully using his Cox table and technique which is the absolute best for reducing low back pain and improving range of motion. He is a very compassionate and knowledgeable man who has gained the trust of many hundreds of patients over the years. It is a loss for Regina, but for us we will be moving to Kelowna ourselves this year and can’t wait to continue on as Dr. Nelson’s patients!

Patricia and Bob SklarWhite City, SK

~Having sustained a number of injuries from sports trauma, falls and vehicle accidents, I’ve had extensive chiropractic care for over 52 years. In my experience with seven different chiropractors, Dr. Dwight Nelson has, by far, provided the best care and sustained recovery regimen.

Robert C. Harvey B.A., BPHERegina, Saskatchewan

~Dr. Dwight Nelson is absolutely THE BEST chiropractor I have ever found, and the people of Kelowna and West Kelowna are so very fortunate that he has come to your city. Several years ago I suffered from debilitating sciatic pain. Other chiropractic treatments resulted in only marginal improvement in my condition.Then I was directed to Dr. Nelson. Not only is Dr. Nelson a masterful chiropractor, his skillful and experienced use of the Cox Flexion table gave me my life back. I now travel from Langley to Kelowna for regular maintenance treatments from Dr. Nelson. I have absolute trust in his knowledge and expertise. Dr. Nelson’s clinic also offers a warm welcoming atmosphere. He is a wonderful person and the finest chiropractor. Dr. Dwight Nelson is quite simply THE BEST!!

Dianne HarveyRegina, Saskatchewan