Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does going to a chiropractor hurt?

Adjustments are usually pain-free, but can become uncomfortable depending on the amount of inflammation and tension in the affected area.  Some clients notice mild tenderness and/or tension as their body’s alignment is restored; these feelings of tenderness are normal.  Other clients experience an immediate relief of their symptoms.

2.  Do I have to keep coming back the rest of my life if I see a chiropractor?

Think about this:  once you go to the dentist, do you have to go again?  What if you take your car to the auto technician, do you ever need to go back?  Do you go to the barber once and never again?  Some problems in life require more than one visit to someone who can help.  Wouldn’t it make sense that if someone has a problem with their neck or back, they might need help with it more than once in their lives?

There is an assumption that as long as our backs feel fine, they are fine.  This assumption is wrong!  It’s not true of the back or anything else in the body.  Many times pain is the last thing to show up when something has been wrong for a very long time.  The wise thing to do is maintain good back health to prevent serious problems from developing.

People are, of course, free to choose what they wish to do with their backs.  Some patients only come in when they can barely move, and I do my very best to get them moving as soon as possible.  Other patients come in for preventative maintenance on a regular basis, so they avoid acute problems from developing.  However, in both cases my chiropractic treatment does nothing to weaken their backs causing them to come for the rest of their lives.

3.  Do I have to undress when I see a chiropractor?

No, the doctor can adjust you with your street clothes on.  The only thing you have to remove are your shoes and your glasses!